this is a more personal blog. you will find a lot of venting on here. and every once in a while some quotes and things. I have another blog and it's a fandom blog, if you want to know that blog just shoot me a message, or if you just want to talk :)



thank goodness I was able to see you this weekend I was so upset when you said you couldn’t see me, then bam you get the day off and spend it with me :))) and then we cuddled all night. finally this relationship between us might work out, just gotta take things slow for real we can’t mess this up again. this our last chance.


there’s just something stopping us from being together like what is this. :( I just wanted to go and see you this weekend but then bam road block…


well I know I’m over dss, you are the biggest douchebag ever. and then wdc I just can’t help but be like in love with you, I really wish mg wouldn’t have been there we might have actually cuddled and or made out with each other.. but I guess we will never have that chance again. I really missed being with you while you were high you’re hilarious and I missed your laugh so much :))


my life seems to be spiraling out of control. and I don’t know how to stop… this summer has ruined everything. I don’t know what I’m doing.


uhg I can’t believe I texted you last night. and I can’t believe you came and kissed me again. I can’t believe I am doing this to myself. I’m digging a hole both with you and twf I hate it….


so now tonight we’ll see if you’ve changed I really want this to work this time.


well you asked to cuddle, i just keep running back to you. I wonder if this time will be different…


well here we go again… I keep coming back to you and I don’t know why… like what’s so special about you? I think this is your last chance to do it right.


so we make out and now you just aren’t gonna talk to me? for real. uhg you’re a douche bag and I can’t believe this is happening to me. I can’t stop thinking about kissing you. and how you were so nice to me about it. and how we kept giggly ing about it. I bet it was fricken wdc and Lt’s fault… or maybe it’s just yours I just wish you would text me. that’s all or at least tell me it was a mistake so I can move on. but nope here I am wishing you were here beside me with your arms wrapped around me.


oh dear goodness last night was one of the craziest nights ever. I am done drinking for like ever… like for real. talked to js for at least 45 min about basically my life story… then I cuddled and made out with dss and I liked it a lot. and then after he left me and wdc talked from like 5-6:30 in the morning and then he fucking kissed me and he has a girlfriend and I dont know what I to do. I guess it’s none of my business really I didn’t kiss him back but I feel so guilty. but he was talking about how he’s wanted to do that for a really long time. but then js and wdc are both saying I should date m uhh I don’t know what’s happening anymore in my life. but I know one thing for sure NO MORE DRINKING


so srw came up, we kissed, we held hands, and acted like a couple… I just honestly am terrified.. and then there’s you agd who I’ve been crushing on since the day I met you but I know I have no shot with you… boys suck


you’re so fricken adorable when you’re drunk, but also at this moment I am super worried about you you’re just walking around town, when you should be heading back home… and you want me to drive you but I can’t… :( right now would be a great day to have my license so I could help you… :/


I miss you do much it hurts. I just don’t understand how you can like not text me or anything… like for real what the heck is going on….????!! I can’t stand it. the least you could do is text me back :((( I have cried about this…


this job is going to be the death of all my friendships… :( I’ve been gone 2 weeks and already so much has happened and I’ll be gone again another whole week… :( I am so upset. I think soon I’m going to have to pick a group of friends and I’m going to have to stick with them, and lose the rest… :( I just dont know what to do.


why do I torture myself…? I just listened to all of our heytell’s like uhg I hate you so much, uhg I wish I was sleeping I have to wake up in 4 hours and I start training tomorrow… it’s going to be a long day that’s for sure.. :(